Homage to Leonardo de Vinci
This sculpture was created by the artist together with Jewish and Arab pupils of a municipal high school in Jaffa . The project took place at the ' Eshkol Payis Center for Sciences and Arts'. The combination of science and art constitutes a tribute to the creative genius of the artist and scientist Leonardo de Vinci. His sketches of water wells and weapon designs were the artist's and the pupils' source of inspiration for the project. It consists of five large sculptures and a frame constructed out of Electricity Company materials. The sculptures represent five pseudo- machines aimed at making dreams of a better world, controlled by positive energies, come true. They are the Emotion Machine, the Blessing Machine , the Dream Machine , the Flower-shooting Cannon and the Machine for Composing Peace Songs .
The names attest to an attempt to relate to our reality through humor. The combination of mechanical and humans forms used to create a harmonious plastic composition emphasizes a mechanical-human ambivalence.
The machine adopts patterns of human emotional-mental functions. Wheels, screws, electricity poles and various metals in a variety of colors unite to fulfill a human function.
This kind of artistic endeavor appropriates industrial objects from their natural environment and exhibits them as works of art.

Dream Machine
Blessing Machine
Blessing Machine
Emotion Machine
Machine for Composing Peace Songs
Flower-shooting Cannon