Cycle of Life
The geriatric hospital in Pardes Hannah consists of low structures surrounded by lawns and tall trees. The sculptress wanted to integrate tall pillar sculptures into the low landscape whereby the sculptural elements swing above the rooftops.
The idea behind the 'Cycle of Life' sculptures was to arouse a feeling of solace drawn from a sense of continuity and life's flow:

The Family
A group of interconnected elements creating a mutual balance, symbolizing the significance of family in the life cycle of every individual.

A combination of wood, tin, stone, metal cables and clamps.
Height 7.00 m

The Well
The water-well is a source of life. The well also represents the effort that every person is required to exert in order to reach it. The sculpture resembles a local Antilyah well (water wheel) consisting of a horizontal bar representing a drawing lever on a perpendicular pillar.

A combination of wood, iron, marble and an iron clamp
Height 3.00 m

The sculpture is made up of contorted wooden arches circling upwards around an 8 meter tall wooden pole in a spiraling flow. It strives to give expression to the personal growth of every individual according to the image conveyed by the Biblical saying "for the tree of the field is man."

Wooden pillar, metal cables and clamps
Height 2.50 m

The sculpture consists of a slanted, winged wooden pillar, depicting the transition stage from pupa to butterfly and symbolizing the changes man undergoes throughout his life.

Wood and iron cables
Height 2.50 m